Founder of East Coast Skiing – First Time Skiing at Mt Snow, VT

🏔️ Welcome to East Coast Skiing – your ultimate destination for skiing, ski gear, and expert ski instruction! Founded by AJ Sorensen, whose love for the sport of skiing began at just one year old on the bunny slope at Mount Snow in Vermont. East Coast Skiing is more than just a ski shop – it’s a movement dedicated to sharing the joy of skiing, offering valuable tips, and advocating for environmental stewardship in the ski industry.

🎿 At East Coast Skiing, we’re passionate about helping you make the most of your skiing adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or hitting the slopes for the first time, we’re here to inspire, educate, and empower you to reach new heights on the mountain.

♻️ Beyond skiing, we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint, working with ski resorts and companies to reduce their environmental impacts to help preserve the beauty of our planet. Through initiatives like reducing single-use plastics and promoting eco-friendly practices within the skiing community, we strive to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Join us in making our awesome sport environmentally friendly.

🔬 With a background in science and engineering, AJ brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to East Coast Skiing. From gear inventions and reviews to technique tutorials, we’re dedicated to providing you with the tools and information you need to enhance your skiing experience.

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