Blizzard Pro™ – Backyard Snow Gun


Ready to be the coolest family in the neighborhood – real resort quality snow at home, so easy anyone can do it!


want to have the most family fun and be the coolest family in the neighborhood? Want a backyard park? What are you waiting for!!! The East Coast Skiing Blizzard Pro Snow Gun comes with the snow gun and stand ready to make resort quality snow in your yard : ) It’s easy anyone can do it, if you have a yard and a garden hose you’re one step away from creating your own backyard ski resort

What’s included is the snow gun and stand, it has standard hookups for the air and water

What you’ll need are a pressure washer and a compressor, if you do not already own one here are some good options: RYOBI pressure washer ; RIGID air compressor

A compressor is an essential for any homeowner, you can fill your car tires, use a nail gun, paint your house, clean dust and more!

A pressure washer is also a home essential, you will be able to quickly clean your car and wash all that corrosive salt off from ski trips, you’ll be able to clean your walkways, siding, patio and more.