CARV Digital Ski Coach


CARV sensors – these go in your boots and measure all the key skiing metrics, easily pairs with the CARV app to record your skiing, lots of different modes and drills, best learning tool for any ability skier

“Skiing is a sport where the fun factor increases greatly with skill, CARV has figured out the coolest way to make that happen without years of lessons. In order to become an expert you need feedback and nothing is better than CARV – for any level skier! Once you try it you won’t go back, I can’t wait to get back on the slopes with CARV!! ” – Owner of East Coast Skiing


$200 for CARV digital Ski Coach Sensors – Pair this with the CARV app and subscription for the best ski coaching on the planet!

CARV works amazing, it will give you the best tips for you whether you just started or are an expert skier, the best ski metrics period, not only does it track your runs but it measures your ski angles, symmetry, rotation, foot pressures and its presented in a easy to understand fun way!

CARV digital ski coach is amazing for all ski levels and abilities

Why is CARV the best way to level up your skiing?

  • It’s like playing a game! Can you ski better this run than your last? CARV will give you tips to beat your previous days and runs
  • Real Time Feedback – Uses sensors in your boots to measure foot pressure and metrics
  • Records your Ski-IQ technique score
  • Audio Coaching tailored for you!
  • Includes Off Snow Ski Workouts