ECS Eco Friendly Ski and Snowboard Wax



Eco-friendly 100% plant based sustainable ingredients that don’t harm you or the environment, We make it and it even smells nice! We want you to be able to ski and ride for a lifetime and that’s why we’ve formulated a safe, sustainable and high performance wax, great for snowboards too!

Why wax matters? The typical ski wax chemicals build up in your system:

This wax is formulated for cold temperatures, use it as you would with traditional wax.

We’re working on a spring wax for warm temps so stay tuned for other models, the wax works as good or better than conventional chemical waxes,

please be aware that while this wax doesn’t contain any harmful synthetic chemicals, if you overheat the wax it will smoke/burn just like your skis and really any smoke isn’t good for your lungs, so always wax in a well ventilated space – we want to be skiing with you for many decades to come : )

“I actually test and use our wax, I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and hope to remove dangerous chemicals from products like ski wax” – AJ Sorensen (founder of ECS)