Fog Armor™ Ski Goggle Anti Fog Spray


Proprietary Non-Toxic Ski Goggle Fog Armor Spray Made in Connecticut, safe for all ski goggles and also works on glass and other surfaces that fog up.


Fog Armor™ Developed by East Coast Skiing™ for the ultimate in anti-fog

Proprietary Non-Toxic Formula Engineered to be environmentally friendly and safe for all goggle types

Most goggles come with some type of anti fog coating and eventually the coating will allow fog, so we’ve developed Fog Armor™ so we can spend less time wiping our goggles and more time on the slopes

Fog Armor™ is easy to apply – just spray the front of the lens and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth (included), for inside goggle fog – spray the microfiber cloth (so you don’t get fog spray on the foam in your goggles) and polish the inside lens

Made in Connecticut