CineSki™ Pro Pole Mount for Action Cams


This is simply the best magic stick you can buy, money back guarantee, will survive any hit your gopro can survive, real carbon fiber, mount locks your gopro square to the stick, automatically disappears in 360 mode. Hand hold or easily mounts to a ski pole, after a full season of testing we’ve upgraded the mount to V2.0, this locks your 360 cam in place, if you want to use a regular gopro to selfie or follow cam – let us know we’ll send you our V1.0 mount with adjustable camera angle.


The best pro filming invisible stick you can buy! Folds into three pieces in 2 seconds, assembles in 2 seconds

We designed our invisible stick for the GoPro Max 360°  and Insta 360 cameras, also works without invisible mode on a standard GoPro and also mounts other cameras to do cool follow cams with a wide variety of cameras.

Why do you want this? It’s lighter and stronger than anything on the market, it’s longer than other poles for professional filming, it folds up in 2 seconds to fit in a backpack, it’s low profile for a better stitch line and a matte finish for the absolute best picture quality

Designed for skiing and snowboarding to get the best invisible and pole follow cam shots

Get the most out of your action cameras with our Magic Invisible stick made in the USA